September 24, 2011


Surry Hills was once home to Sydney's rag trade, a walk around here will see you pass a few brothels but more importantly some truly inspired furniture and object makers studio's and shops. One such treasure trove of retro and vintage finds is Davidmetnicole.

You'll find them at 382 Cleveland St, on the edge of Surry Hills. Walking into Davidmetnicole we felt like little kids in a candy store, our arms overflowing with treats, greedy for more. Fortunately after the heady high of vintage industrial lighting and rejuvenated furniture we could stumble into Twig Cafe, the cute little coffee shop and nursery across the road, for our much needed cup of tea.

September 11, 2011

starting out

Starting our business has been both everything I had hoped for and nothing I expected. I think as creative, visual people we had a very strong picture in our minds of a cute little studio by the beach, designing invitations and cards, drinking tea and eating cake. This is still the dream, and we are ever closer to making it a reality, it has just taken longer than expected. Many hurdles and many lessons learnt. So, when we started chatting about what the hell we could blog about, we thought let's blog about our experience of starting a small business and the things that inspire us (and tea and cake every now and then.)

September 07, 2011


Very exciting, we have had some Lula & Bella rubber stamps made. We used an Australian stamp making company, Stead Bros, to get our rubber stamps made up. Fairly inexpensive and a very fast turn around. The handles are plastic so I think I'll replace them with some old door knobs to give them a bit of character. In hind sight we should have put on our stamps, we were so excited we didn't really think it through. Every opportunity you have you should be directing people to your site!

kelly & gareth - save the date

We are very happy with Kelly and Gareth's save the date email invitation! Watch this space for the invitation and wedding pics!

September 04, 2011

hhmmm cupcakes

I stumbled over these sweet delights on a visit to Perth, never has gluten free tasted so delicious!


visit gluten free scallywag for delicious recipes and info on their new bakery.