August 30, 2013

spying the spotted quoll

Think these cushions by The Spotted Quoll Studio are just fab! AND they are organic, ethically made and limited edition! ...One shop I'll definitely be visiting when I finally get to Tasmanian!

August 20, 2013

sloth so good

Ever since stumbling across a documentary about baby sloths on a plane ( you do) I've had a complete fascination with them! In my mind they are one of the most endearing and comical creatures to have ever walked this earth (albeit slowly)! So when we went for a Lula & Bella lunch today at the divine Belgrave Cartel, I could have squealed with joy at the display of sloth illustrations that surrounded us! Such a colourful, delicate display of such charming characters! All of which have been created by the amazingly talented local artist Laura Ives. Here are a few more pieces of Laura's work, love love love it! Definitely worth a visit if you are in the Manly area...and while you are there try Cartel's gnocchi ragu too...seriously yum!

August 15, 2013

typography du jour

Lots of the work we've been doing recently has been typographic led...which has been amazing! I love any excuse to play with typography! Here's a few of my favourite finds today...

Hustle - Dan Duarte  /  Ever After - Marco Fesyuk  /  London - Pablo & Co  /  Cool - Matt Vergotis  /  Born and Raised - Carl Fredrik  /  Riding - Sindy Salas  /  Love What You Do - Lucas Young