June 24, 2013

10 minutes with... georgie k from simply georgeous occasions

Alright, maybe a little longer that 10 minutes, but I can assure you the inspired Georgie is well worth getting to know! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Georgie.

Georgie with her fiance and daughter, little Isabelle. And Georgie with some of her Georgeous team. x 

How do you start your day?
Well things have changed a little in the last 12 months in this area as rather than heading to the gym, I now play with my gorgeous daughter Isabelle. Although the body shape is suffering a little, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Where do you go for inspiration?
Where do I start…I literally gain inspiration from everywhere. Be it graffiti on an alley wall, a magazine, a website, a café or a movie, there really is inspiration everywhere you look. Simply people watching provides wonderful inspiration.

What is it that continues to excite or energise you about running your own business?
Being surrounded by my incredibly talented and passionate team. Closely followed by my amazing suppliers…all of whom without, Georgeous simply would not exist.

We are also so spoilt with our wonderful clients. They put such huge trust in us and our vision that it is always so exciting to see the end result. We work with them as though they are a member of our team. This is how we always ensure there are no misunderstandings and all their visuals are brought to life seamlessly.

Being in Melbourne is, what I believe, also very exciting. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful and special spaces. These, combined with the aforementioned world class artisans, always provides us with much excitement.

Tell us a bit about your creative path, have you taken breaks or worked in other mediums/industries?
While I have always been in the hospitality industry, the creative side of events really only began about 10 years ago. I decided I wanted to be in the ever exciting and evolving events and hospitality industry when I was still in high school. This led me to working in restaurants and hotels during my Hospitality Diploma in Hobart. Two years of overseas travel, saw me back at University completing a Business Degree. The year 2000 saw me move from my home town of Hobart to the big smoke of Melbourne. Spending the next 5 years with Peter Rowland Catering gave me incredible experience and insight into the many realms of this fun industry. Be that at the Grand Prix, a marquee wedding in the country, or a corporate dinner at the National Gallery of Victoria, I was extremely spoilt with my exposure to such occasions.

It was then I fell in love with, and was inspired by, ensuring each element of an occasion was carefully considered and thought of. Be that staff uniforms, platters for food service or the hand towels in the bathrooms, every little detail must be considered. It is in these details that memories are made.

We are all increasingly time poor so the investment made in such events needs to be quantified by ensuring guests are temporarily transported into an experience rather than a room with tables.

This is what I truly love…the role of styling a space to put a smile on my guests’ faces. It is not until I see this smile I feel my job and role has been achieved.

What has been your best work and why?
The “Paper” Wedding at the beautiful fortyfivedownstairs gallery. 

More pics of Catherine & Nick's wedding on facebook here.

Love the looks on the guests faces as the enter the gallery!

Doob & Dave’s wedding at Fitzroy Town Hall.
Watch it all come together in the video here, more pics on facebook here, and Jesse Hisco’s beautiful photography here.

Lucy & Jason’s wedding at Carousel
Watch the video of how it all came together here.

World’s Longest Lunch at Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Watch the video of how it all came together here and more pics on facebook here.

Georgie and he team hard at work. Fresh produce placed around strawberry plants in brown bags, love!

Our carparks at the races
See some more pics on facebook here and here

David Jones Marquee at Caulfield Cup 2012

Herald Sun Marquee at Melbourne Cup Carnival 2011 & 2012
And see more pics on facebook here.

VIP Dinner at David Bromley’s Gallery “A Day On Earth”

Adelene & Jiaheng’s Wedding

And see more pics on facebook here.

The bight colours and geometric patterns contrast beautifully with the trees and grass... a little picnic oasis.
Gaby & Mikey’s Wedding in Sydney
See Gaby's style guide in Real Weddings Style here

Did you have a vision of what you wanted to focus your career on after leaving school? And did you always know you’d start your own business at some point?
Yes. It was always hospitality and events. As my Father has always been an entrepreneur, I guess I always had the ultimate goal of having something of my own. It was all about the timing, and nearly 7 years ago, the timing felt right.

What couldn’t you live without?
My fiancé Stu and daughter Isabelle…oh and maybe chocolate!

What’s your most favourite thing on your desk?

At the moment, it would be the beautiful hand painted sign Cara made for me last week after Stu proposed. The girls are so so amazingly clever and thoughtful.

What is the strangest thing you have ever found yourself doing on a project?
Putting 16 tonne of sand on the floor in a marquee at the Portsea Polo…fun!

What do you see as the unique challenges that women face in their own business or careers?
The infamous work/life balance. Managing the guilt of being away from your children too often. It kills me every morning.

What has surprised you about the way your business has developed?
The way it has evolved from Event Management & a “touch” of styling into almost all styling with a “touch” of Event Management. Love it!

What are some of the lessons you have learnt as a woman running an independent business?

I doubt this question would vary between men or women. It is very hard work, very satisfying and fun. You have to have fun. It is (bloody) stressful at times, and managing cash flow & finances is an added challenge for any small business. Managing growth and a larger team is also a big part of small business and working hard at picking the right people to “fit” into the culture and ethic of your business. I have no doubt I am probably not “tough” enough but I also have no desire to micro-manage or to question the team about everything they do. I want them to all have autonomy and the confidence in making their own decisions, which only stems from me having confidence in them.

I have made some bad decisions and am quite sure I will make many, many more. Being a group of girls, it is incredible how one person can impact the entire team. We all work so hard, it is absolutely imperative we are all working as one 24/7, not as individuals. If someone is showing signs of not being part of the team and respecting ALL those we work with then it is time for them to move on. Plain & simple.

Your bags are packed, your ticket in hand! Where are you going and why?
Hobart to see my friends and family…closely followed by some stunning old town in the heart of Europe. A true escape! The small towns of France or Italy sound pretty good to me.

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