December 07, 2012

tis the season to be jolly

Indeed yes it's December ALREADY! Where did the year go I hear you cry?! Well the busy little elves at Lula & Bella have been gluing, sticking and goodie hunting to create some wonderous wrapping ideas just for you! 

With our brown paper and Christmas tags in mind we began gathering any pretty bits and bobs we could get our hands on! Buttons, ribbons, vintage lace, wool, string, beads, foliage and seeds (...Aussie inspired of course...not much holly or
mistletoe round these here parts!).

E voilĂ ..

....Preeeettiness! With an abundance of wool we decided what better thing to create...than a pom pom or two! If you too want to relive your primary school days follow the steps below! And if you like our tags and want some for your own you can find then in our shop

Happy wrapping my friends! xx

What you will need to create your pom pom extraordinaire:

* Cardboard

* A compass or two circular items you can trace around

* Wool

* Scissors

* A darning needle (if poss!)


1) Find a circular object to draw around which is roughly the size of the pom pom you want to make. Draw around it twice on a piece of card. 

2) Place a smaller circular object in the centre of each circle and draw around it. 

3) Cut around the outer circle and cut out the middle leaving you with two donut shaped pieces of card.

4) Cut roughly a 2m length of wool, fold it in half and then half again. Thread your wool through the centre hole and make a lasso around the card to secure it in place.

5) Continue wrapping wool around the cardboard, repeat step 4 until the centre hole is full.

6) When the hole becomes too small to use your fingers continue by using a darning needle.

7) Once finished, insert the scissors between the two pieces of card and cut the wool all the way round.

8) Loop a strand of wool between the two pieces of card and tie it tightly in a double knot.

9) Carefully tear the card donuts to remove them.

10) Ta-daa! A quick trim of any uneven strands and your pom pom is complete!!

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