November 02, 2011

anyone for hand printed tag?

After a cozy day in with tea and cake sketching our Christmas animals we decided to set ourselves a challenge...lets try printing our tags the old fashioned way! Caught up in our constant quest for the idyllic life, we wanted to see whether the satisfaction of handcrafting our goods would outweigh the financial outlay. Just how long would it take us to produce one tag and how much would we have to sell it for to make it worth our while? So the Saturday after we began making our plates and let the printing process begin. 9 rewarding hours later with 18 very beautiful tags printed, the verdict was hand-printed Lula & Bella Christmas animal tag would cost...are you ready...$30! Ahh I hear you sigh. Err yes! 

So it's safe to say that although we had a blast creating them, from now on for the sake of your cash flow, these particular Christmas tags will be lovingly produced...with modern machinery! What can we say? We tried!


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